+phenix (Plus Phenix)

While retaining the ski wear DNA of Phenix line, +phenix offers the diversity of usages in variety of urban as well as outdoor situations.
By the use of high-tech material and functionalities, and combination of wear can enable +phenix to be used for variety of situations and environments such as snowy mountain, mountain climbing, camping, urban and business situations.





Fusion with new DNA that evolves Phenix.
This series embodies the spirit of Phenix the most.
This is an important product line that accelerates the evolution of Phenix DNA toward more fashionable wear.


With contemporary lifestyles and activities in mind, we have created comfortable multi-purpose wear with variety of functionalities installed.
3D cut line which Phenix has developed over many years of making ski wear, and attention was given to elasticity and weight reduction.
We continue to engage in the development of the functional material such as water repellency and deodorant, and we adopt them in our product with style.


We developed products with classic designs and affordable prices suited for light outdoor activities such as trekking.
Keeping the technologies such as water resistance, elasticity, and breathability that Phenix has been developing for many years, we offer the standard outdoor wear suited for the activities from the level ground to the lighter mountain environment of 500m-1000m.