Phenix is ​​a genuine Japanese brand that was born in Japan in 1952.
In 1955, Phenix was among the first to introduce the use of nylon, the newest material at the time, to ski wear and established the foundation as a ski wear brand.
To the satisfaction of world’s leading athletes, the material, technology, and highly-functional refined designs come together at high level to create Phenix products.
Phenix, as a Japanese brand with its world-class sewing techniques, is committed to pursuing feature development and uncompromising product testing in order to provide safe, comfortable and delightful products in a variety of fields.
We continue to do so, because this is our passion.




FORMULA is a high-performance ski wear line created to maximize skiers’ aesthetic appearance and mobility.
FORMULA embodies the “dignified skiing,” which is what Phenix with its 70 years of history defines as cornerstone of beautiful skiing.


ALPINE DIVERSITY is a ski wear line that is just right when you are in a ski resort. You can enjoy wearing ALPINE DIVERSITY ski wear whether you are in town or when you are on a ski slope.
The concept of this product line is based on the idea “coexistence with mountains, not conquering.” The ski wear on this line are equipped with functionality that allows versatile dress coordination for different weather conditions and situations.
Also, copious use of laser-cut holes maximizes the breathability.


This product line was inspired by the skiing culture in Europe where there is a long and rich tradition of ski resorts.
It is characterized by elegant design and the use of material that satisfies both luxuriousness and water resistance.
The emphasis is also laid on heat retention.


This ski wear line can be recommended to skiers of all skill levels.
By using appropriate cutting and material, GELENDE line pursued to ensure the comfort and mobility of the skier.


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